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    Ninja Gold Fish - Hand Sanitizer 2 OZ.


    Introducing our Hand Sanitizer 2 OZ, meticulously formulated to ensure thorough sanitization of hands, crucial for maintaining a clean environment. Designed specifically for use by staff, it aims to prevent the introduction of new germs into sensitive areas, promoting a healthy and hygienic workspace.

    Key Features:

    • Effective Sanitization: Provides complete sanitization of hands, reducing the risk of germ transmission.

    • Long-Lasting Protection: Offers up to eight (8) hours of protection, ensuring sustained cleanliness throughout tasks and shifts.

    • Safety and Compliance: Formulated to be completely safe for body use, meeting stringent US FDA standards for quality and safety.


    Ideal for use in environments where hygiene is paramount, such as cultivation facilities. Our Hand Sanitizer 2 OZ is essential for maintaining a sterile environment, safeguarding against contaminants that could compromise product quality and employee wellbeing.


    In conclusion, our Hand Sanitizer 2 OZ stands as a reliable choice for effective hand hygiene in cultivation settings. With its robust sanitization capabilities and long-lasting protection, it supports the integrity of operations by minimizing the introduction of harmful germs. Emphasizing safety and compliance, it is formulated to meet rigorous standards, ensuring peace of mind for both staff and operations.