Lumen8 HPS 400 watt lamp

    Lumen8 HPS 400 watt lamp

    Lumen8 dual spectrum lamps offer the highest performance lighting solutions available. Developed by the Lumen8 Lamp Design Technologies labs, the new Lumen8 Dual Spectrum HPS lamp is now available for growers of all levels who require the best results. These dual spectrum grow lamps have been designed by leading horticulturalists and utilise PAR (photosynthetic ally active radiation) lighting for optimum fruiting and flowering and increased yields.

    The Lumen8 range of dual spectrum lamps produce blue and red light for optimum results and also produces additional UV for finishing and ripening. The results produced from these lamps are what every discerning indoor grower is looking for. The lamps are compatible with all magnetic and digital ballasts.

    Prepare to be illumen8ed!!!