Ninja Gold Fish - Plant Wash Concentrate 16 OZ.

    Ninja Gold Fish - Plant Wash Concentrate 16 OZ.


    Plant Wash Concentrate 16 OZ

    Plant Wash Concentrate . Contain insecticidal oils to kill all harmful insects while preserving good ones like bees and ladybugs. Prevent microbial growth such as powdery mildew, aspergillus and many more.

    Safe to use at any stage or growing, destroys and clean existing infestations. Can also be used as a preventative when used routinely during the grow cycle (Every week -10 days)

    • 2 Oz per gallon of water formula immediately brings back the shine and luster to your plant leafs and washes away all harmful powdery mildew, germs or insects after killing them.
    • Can be sprayed at any stages of plant growth.
    • Long lasting effect.